Vol 5, No 2 (2016)

Table of Contents

Islamism: Expression of Political Islam and Islamic Politics In South Sulawesi PDF
Syahrir Karim 122-135
The Existence of Makka Keke’s Belief System in Gantarang, Selayar PDF
Hasaruddin Hasaruddin, Misbahuddin Misbahuddin 136-160
Theoretical Viewpoints on Women's Segregation in the Workplaces PDF
Muhammad Wayong 161-174
Islam and Local Tradition: A Comparative Perspective of Java and Sulawesi PDF
Muhammad Ali 175-212
Islam and Jihad: the Quest for Peace and Tolerance PDF
Syamsul Rijal 213-230
Multicultural Education In Islamic Boarding School (A Descriptive Study of Pesantren DDI Mangkoso, South Sulawesi) PDF
Muhaemin Latif 231-250