Ida Purwastuty


The reduction poverty in Indonesia is in line with national inequality. But in some provinces the rate of inequality is still above the national inequality figure. This shows a decrease in the number of inequality is still moving fluctuatively. One factor in reducing poverty is the presence of social assistance. If a policy change occurs in support of social assistance beyond the control of poor families, poverty and inequality can increase. So it needs another approach in reducing poverty, namely empowerment through community assets. This article is intended to explain one approach in empowering poor families through community assets such as physical, financial, human, social and spiritual assets that exist around poor families. Physical assets can be used as a place / place of empowerment processes, financial assets can be optimized as a source of lending money / capital, human assets can be optimized as providers of support, social assets can be optimized as bonds to help and empower, and spiritual assets can be optimized as a basis for helping each other Optimizing community assets can help poor families overcome their multidimensional problems. The use of community assets can make the poor family aware of the surrounding assets without having to depend on outsiders so they can be independent.

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