Analisis Pemanfaatan Koleksi Jurnal Internasional Tercetak: Tinjauan Kebijakan Pengembangan Koleksi Jurnal Online di PDII-LIPI

Wahid Nashihuddin & Tupan


The purposes of this study are to; (1) find out the utilization of printed international journals subscribed by PDII-LIPI in 1991-1998; (2) know the availability of previous articles (back issue) in the international printed journals in the online databases; (3) explain the strategies of developing journal collections by subscribing of the journal databases. The method of this study used the qualitative data with evaluatif approach that sourced from the literature study and the journal information retrieval in online databases. The samples of the research data consist of 21 journals from 1601 journals that were subscribed by PDII-LIPI in 1991-1998. The study results indicated that: (1) the utilization trend of the international printed journal from each year has decreased significantly (the latest data in 2012); from 2013 until now, this journal service had not activated again because it was not a priority service in the PDII-LIPI library; (2) most of the previous articles in the international printed journals have full articles in online databases, such as ScienceDirect, SpringerLink, JStor, ProQuest, journal databases were subscribed by Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education and National Library of Indonesia, and open access journal databases; (3) PDII-LIPI needs to set the policies of collection management especially on online journals through consortium.



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