Komunikasi Efektif pada Bahasa Tubuh Pustakawan

Thoriq Tri Prabowo


The importance of proper communication requires librarians to mastering communication skills; one of them is nonverbal communication. That skill can be used to measure the effectiveness of communication. The study is aimed to evaluate the acceptance of STIKes Guna Bangsa's Library end-users with librarian's communication style by observing librarian's body language. Quantitative descriptive research was used as its research approach. The total of population was 90 respondents, in which 30 of them were selected as sampel. The data were gathered through questionairres: voice intonation, face expression, eye contact, drew near, touch, and performance which is consist of 14 statements. To analyze the data, the researcher use mean and grand mean formula. The result of the research showed that voice intonation got 3.43 (excellent), face expression got 3.41 (excellent), eye contact got 3.13 (good), drew near got 3.20 (good), touch got 2.83 (good), and performance got 3.12 (good). From that facts, it could be concluded that the acceptance of the users with the librarian's communication style by observing the librarian's body language was good, proved by score of grand mean, 3.19.



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