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by Marquis Stell (2020-07-04)

[Laughs] That's an art school. It's a kind of art school you take pride in. Art is everything, whether it means a lot or not.

You've got your books on sale all over the world. Why did you buy them?

No, I'm not buying them, we're just making it ourselves. I think it's fun to work on a project that is, to some extent, your own. That was a fun project, I want to draw again next year. I'm really pleased. So, the first few books I'm thinking of are all new. So, my first three books have new characters. They're all so young and you've got to have a sense of just what's going to work for the character that you are.

So, you're working on things that are a little bit more original and I imagine you're already working on your writing, I know that you like that?

I am, but I'm still trying to decide where I am as a character and how I will be. I think that's something that I've been trying to figure out. I'm writing about characters like I always wanted them, just for me, so I will tell you that. So, yeah.

I've always been a hard-working person. I know it's cool to do this thing for yourself and to be able to take something in an artistic form you've never really been able to, and then to be able to do it in print. I think that's what it's all about in that sense.


I'm just trying to figure out how you're going to do the artwork. I don't really know what I would do with the drawings. I guess it would take a lot of time to get in and figure out if you're going on that project, but it won't cost a lot of time in the book. I think it will probably just take me a bit to figure something out. I want to keep making comics. I don't think that would be a terrible decision. Because of the way I want the comics to be told, because they're so exciting.

You've drawn people in movies, television shows, movies. Have you ever drawn them onscreen?

I have. I read a couple of books with a guy I had met who's been involved in art since I was nine years old, but that's not the most popular or artyfactory portraits;, popular, it's just something