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The Abundance Accelerator

by Rosaria Wetzell (2020-08-05)

Every moment we have The Abundance Accelerator the opportunity to choose. Our choices determine the quality of our life-our joys, our sorrows. When we put our joys in the accept basket and our sorrows in the reject pile, we are cutting our life in two, never allowing ourselves to be whole. To be whole requires all of it-the good, the bad and the ugly. Our allegiance must never be to the immediate feeling, but rather to the process, the wonder of being human. It is only through that wonder that we are able to experience our divinity. Our joy is not simply a momentary high, but rather a solid feeling that anchors us through this earthly existence. We have faith in ourselves, in our own evolution. We are not afraid of being real or of where that might lead us. As we go deeper and deeper into our humanness, we feel the expansion happening. Each pass fills the heart with joy and creates energy to once again plunge into the human experience. Accepting our life with all its quirks and shady days can set us free. If you like to know about aura colors and their meaning, you are reading the article you are waiting for. Shortly, you will learn the aura color meaning for 7 of the aura colors, but this is by no mean the exhaustive list. Towards the end, I will show you where you should go to read more about aura colors and their meaning so stay with me. Why is the topic on aura colors so fascinating? One of the reasons is because aura colors reveal a person's character and also the emotional, mental, spiritual and physiological truths. The other is the air of mystery surrounding this topic. No one seems to be able to tell you accurately what each aura color truly mean. Do you know why? I'll tell you shortly.

How Does The Abundance Accelerator Work?


Re: The Abundance Accelerator

by dfsgjkhsk 程 天 (2020-08-08)

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