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Revive Her Drive

by Rosaria Wetzell (2020-08-07)

Animals create a very homely Revive Her Drive atmosphere and couples who feel distracted from their relationship and love animals should certainly go and adopt them. Often, counseling children and adults can be a very gratifying experience. A while back, I had a father who joined the counseling process with his teenage son. I had been seeing the son for individual sessions. The father requested being involved, with his son's agreement, so that the two of them could learn more effective ways of communicating about significant issues. The two of them had been "locking horns" over the son's school performance. Although the son's school progress was above average, Dad felt that his child was somewhat unmotivated, particularly with homework. The teenage boy was an athlete with scholarship potential, and his father was annoyed and frustrated that his son might be throwing away a golden opportunity. After the first joint session, I wasn't sure how meaningful the counseling process had been for father and son. In fact, I had a hunch that I might never see either one of them again! However, a week later, the son's mother telephoned me stating, "Can I get a follow-up appointment set up for my two guys? I don't know what happened, but they have been like buddies since they met with you." I was encouraged to hear that and progress continued to be made during our sessions. There was no magic bullet. The process of effectively communicating, I call promoting understanding. Promoting understanding is characterized by unconditional involvement and a process of non-evaluative exploration of mutual concerns.

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by dfsgjkhsk 程 天 (2020-08-08)

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