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Miracle of Self Discipline

by Sylvie pinley (2020-08-08)

There is a lesson in such stories: Different Miracle of Self Discipline people develop at different rates, and the best motivators are always on the lookout for hidden capabilities. "Alan McGinnis--Bringing out the Best in PeopleDuring the summer of 2001 my good friend, Brendan, very patiently taught me how to juggle. I had always wanted to learn, but when it came to juggling I was a neuromuscular idiot. I became frustrated too quickly. I wanted the quick fix, rather than spending the time to learn to juggle correctly. Sound familiar to you? Most of us do it, whether in sports, business, or our daily life. We work at the things that we do the best, rather than making the commitment to strengthening our weaknesses.Brendan was very patient, encouraging me to drop the ball. First he took one ball and had me toss it, and let it hit the floor. "Don't worry about catching it", Brendan would tell me. Then he added the second ball. "Just toss the second ball when the first ball gets to the top of its arch. Let them both hit the floor", he added. That's easy no pressure. "Now take one in each hand and toss it just like you did, but this time you are going to catch the ball", Brendan added. No problem.Then he added the third ball. "Put two in your right hand and one in your left hand. Toss right, left, and right. Let them hit the floor. Don't worry about catching them," he continued. Pretty easy I thought. This juggling isn't so bad. Now he wanted me to toss the balls--right, left, right--and catch them. All of the sudden those three little balls were everywhere.


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