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Backyard Revolution

by Francene Frayer (2020-08-10)

The average electricity bill Backyard Revolution for a typical household works out to be about $3,600 a year -- roughly $300 is spent every month on energy. For many people, that is almost 10% of their disposable income after paying for tax. This is a huge amount to pay your local power company. Naturally, this money can be better spent if it wasn't used to pay your bills. In ten years time, you'd have spent $36,000 on electricity. If you take inflation into consideration, you'll have spent much more. A conservative inflation of 3% per annum will bring your total energy bills to more than $41,000. When you build your own solar energy panel, you are likely to own it for at least 25 years. Your energy bills (taking inflation into consideration) will cost you more than $131,000 over that same period. Therefore even if you make very expensive mistakes and explode your cost of solar energy panels to $30,000, you will still save about $100,000 (in energy bills) over the lifespan of your solar power generator. But homemade solar energy panels rarely cost that much. Retail panels do. When you roll up your sleeves to make your own panels, you can pocket the difference. The quality and lifespan of DIY solar energy panels will not be very different. The cost of owning them will. Thus you'll actually be saving much more than just $100,000.

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