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Spiritual Laws of Money

by Francene Frayer (2020-08-11)

In my five-year research project studying Spiritual Laws of Money the daily habits of wealthy individuals one of many of the startling discoveries I made was in the area of career-related self-improvement. Wealthy individuals are fanatical when it comes to career-related self-improvement. Day in and day out wealthy people engage in career-related self-improvement. I identified four key strategies they use to maintain, improve or create new job skills. These strategies are an integral key to their financial success and wealth accumulation. Think of financial success as a ladder. Each one of these strategies is a wrung on that ladder, getting you closer and closer to the top - financial success. This article will address each one of those strategies. Wealthy individuals read everything they can get their hands on relating to their career and industry. More often than not this includes industry periodicals, industry alerts, newsletters, career/industry-related informational email, books, articles from general information magazines that discuss a topic related to their career or industry, newspaper articles that relate to their career or industry, and ezine articles (internet articles).

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