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Casino Destroyer

by Francene Frayer (2020-08-12)

In this case, Poker room XYZ Casino Destroyer earns you a $1 bonus every time you accumulate 10 player points. Room ABC will only release $1 once you earn 20 points. So clearly, room ABC is not giving you a great deal. You need twice the points to get the same $1 bonus. Right? Not necessarily... Although in our example the point requirement is much lower at room XYZ, the next question you need to ask yourself is how those points are actually earned. There is no standard system in the gambling industry, and that's why things get so confusing when it comes to poker bonuses. A bit of research might reveal that for every $0.15 rake you generate, you earn one point at room XYZ. Meaning, every time you rake $1.50, you earn the 10 points you need for $1 bonus dollar. If your deposit was for $200, then you would need to rake $300 to earn the free $200. Let's assume that you earn points faster at room ABC. For every $0.07 in rake you get 1 player point. This means you'll rake $1.40 to get the 20 points required to earn a $1 bonus. With a deposit of $200, it means you'll actually need to rake $280 to earn the free $200 so which room has the best deal after all? You can only compare the bonus offers when you factor in what is required to earn a bonus dollar. Then you'll comparing apples with apples.

How Does Casino Destroyer System Works?