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Arctic Blast

by Francene Frayer (2020-08-15)

Treatment of knee pain: If any Arctic Blast of those motions are restricted I do a chiropractic adjustment to correct them. The kneecap moves inferior to superior, laterally and rotates. In order to improve the motion of the patella, I use a British osteopathic technique called Orthobionomy. For example, if there is a lack of motion inferior to superior and there is greater motion superior to inferior I will push the patella superior to inferior and hold it there for 10-30 seconds until it releases. Then I recheck the motion inferior to superior and it's usually normal after that. The feet can frequently cause knee problems. If you wear heels that are greater than 1/2 " high or use rigid orthotics, you may be suffering from knee pain. Rigid orthotics are usually prescribed by podiatrists. The molds are taken in a seated, non-weight bearing position. Because they are rigid, they don't allow for the normal movement of the feet. Wearing high heels or using rigid orthotics causes the navicular bone in the arch of the foot to go out of alignment. This then causes the medial meniscus of the knee to become swollen and painful. The sacrum (tailbone) and atlas (upper neck) also go out of alignment. To correct this problem I adjust the navicular, the medial meniscus, the sacrum and the atlas (upper neck) very gently with an activator. If you need support for your feet, I can set a cast for flexible orthotics which will help your feet without hurting your knees or back.

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