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by qazza7 qazza7 qazza7 (2020-08-17)

calories while women need about 1200-1500.The difference is largely due to muscle mass found in men. We gain weight when we stop burning calories and our bodies store more as we become less active as we advance in years. Do you recall when you were younger you eat twice as much and you never gained any weight- you were active and burned more calories, so what we need to do is get you doing something you like that can burn more calories and keep you eating healthy food in moderation. You do not necessarily have to join a gym to become active. If you want to tone your muscles and become firm then its advisable to join a gym for a moderate price to do some resistance training. This could include rowing, bench pressing, or squats CARDIOVASCULAR EXERCISES Cardiovascular exercises are routine exercises that get your heart rate going and keep your metabolism at a level that can burn fat. Resistance training such as lifting weights will help you to develop stronger muscles. Walking to and from work or walking in a park are simpler forms of exercise that increases our heart rate. Do not underestimate walking briskly, swimming or even gardening. Walk to the 必利勁grocery store some times and try running down the steps rather than taking the lifts daily can be simple forms of keeping your cardiovascular routines going at the optimum level.