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by Sylvie pinley (2020-08-21)

Third Eye Chakra - Our intuitive and psychic Individualogist gifts, imagination, and higher intelligence all falls under the umbrella of the third eye chakra. An imbalance here will produce lack of imagination, narrow-mindedness and poor coping skills - any sign of pressure of stress will cause you to crack and fumble your responsibilities. Poor memory and difficulty concentration will plague you. Balance the third eye chakra and watch your intellectual and psychic abilities increase, as well as your ability to visualize and manifest your greatest dreams. Expand your Third Eye Chakra with - Crystal Singing Bowl Note: A Crown Chakra - The crown chakra rules all things spiritual - one sense of oneness with the Universe, wisdom, understanding, and our higher puprose. If your life seems meaningless or you feel a sense of aimlessness and lack of direction, seek to align the crown chakra. Greater awareness of life as well as a strengthened connection to a Higher Power results from a strong, balanced crown chakra. Connect to your Crown Chakra with - Crystal Singing Bowl Note: B There you have it - a complete, condensed guide to the chakras and their corresponding quartz crystal singing bowl notes. Karma Dorje has been an avid student of spirituality and metaphysics for her entire life and enjoys sharing her knowledge with others. "God wants you to..." "God says you must do this..." "This is what God wants from you..." "You must do this to serve God and go to heaven..." You've heard these things and I'm sure you're quite confused about what God really wants you to do or not to do. I'm here to set the record straight.


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