Jurnal Dakwah Tabligh

Tabligh Journal is a scientific publication for research topics and studies on communication and da'wah.
The form of publiation that we receive will be reviewed by reviewers who have a concentration in the field of Communication, specifically Da'wah and Communication.

As for studies, that are part of our study, namely:
- Political Communication
- Islamic communication
- Islamic Broadcasting Communication
- Communication between Religion and Culture
- Journalism
- Da'wah Management
- Social welfare
- Islamic counseling guidance
and others concerning communication and da'wah.

We publish this journal twice a year, in June and December.
The Tabligh Journal first appeared in the printed version in 2011.
This journal is managed by the Tabligh journal team under the Da'wah and Communication Faculty of Alauddin Islamic University in Makassar.

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Vol 22, No 1 (2021)

Table of Contents

Vol. 22 No.1 Juni 2021

Muhammad Ash-Shiddiqy
Abstract - 113
Zidni 'Ilman Nafi'a
Abstract - 77
Ditha Prasanti, Preciosa Alnashava Janitra
Abstract - 77
Mahmuddin Mahmuddin, Kusnadi Kusnadi
Abstract - 96
Zulkarnain Hamson, Beddu Lahi, Nani Harlinda Nurdin
Abstract - 108
Muhammad Saleh
Abstract - 83
Muhammad Taufik Rahmansyah, Hafied Cangara, Arianto Arianto
Abstract - 72
Harmin Hatta
Abstract - 80
Shadriany Saleh
Abstract - 50
Muhamad Parhan, Abizar Khairulimam, Mita Nurfitriyani, Salza Nabila Ababil
Abstract - 155