Perkembangan Lembangan Keuangan Islam di Indonesia Pasca Covid-19

  • Hafsah Umar UIN Alauddin Makassar


The conditions of the Covid-19 pandemic, which are now starting to gradually improve, have also had a good impact on economic growth in Indonesia. Indonesia as one of the largest Muslim countries in the world and also has the largest Islamic finance where the Indonesian Islamic finance industry is able to be one of the factors that provide recovery in the growth of Islamic financial assets in line with the increase in global Islamic financial assets which are predicted to continue to grow until 2025. total assets Islamic finance in Indonesia has reached US$ 119 billion, an increase from the previous year of US$ 99 billion. This increase in total assets puts Indonesia in 7th position with the largest total Islamic financial assets in Indonesia. The biggest increase was in sukuk instruments from US$ 57 billion to US$ 73 billion. This is due to the use of sharia financial product sukuk to reduce the economic impact due to the co-19 pandemic

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