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Author Guidelines

  1. Systematic writing:
    1. First part: title, authors, abstract
    2. Main part: introduction, literature review, develop a hypothesis
    3. Ending part: acknowledgement (if any), symbols description (if any), and references
  2. Title and authors:
    1. The title is written by capital words (Title Case/Capital Each Word), bold, with a font of Book Antiqua 14, single space, and centre text
    2. Authors name placed under the title and written without a degree. It starts with a capital word and italic (avoid to use “by” before the author's name). Author sequence is a first author then followed by second author etc
    3. Institution address and email written under authors name with a font of Book Antiqua 11.
  3. Abstract
    1. Abstract is written in both Bahasa Indonesia and English (ABSTRAK in Bahasa and ABSTRACT in English), which contain an introduction, how the study was conducted, the results etc.
    2. The maximum words in the abstract are no more than 250 words and written with single space
    3. Justify text with a font of Book Antiqua 11.
    4. The abstract using format structured abstract.
                         1) Background
                         2) Objectives
                         3) Methods
                         4) Results
                         5) Conclusion
    1. Every section has to write in bold
    2. Keywords consist of 3 – 5 words, the word “Keywords” also has to write in bold.
  1. General rules of publication manuscript
    1. Every section in a manuscript is written with a font of Book Antiqua 11, using capital words and bold
    2. First sentence a new paragraph is written with indent-first line 0.75 cm, and there is no space between paragraphs
    3. The content of the manuscript is written with a font of book Antiqua 11 without using bold
    4. Words from a foreign language are written italic
    5. Every numeral words have to write in a number, except at the beginning of paragraph and integers that less than ten
    6. Tables and pictures must have a clear description and serial number. Numbering use centre text format and placed above the table and for a picture, it placed below.


Copyright Notice

Once an article was published in the journal, thauthor(s) are:

  • granted to the journal right licensed under Creative Commons License Attribution that allows others to share the work with an acknowledgement of the work's authorship.
  • permitted to publish their work online in third parties as it can lead to wider dissemination of the work.
  • continue to be the copyright owner and allow the journal to publish the article with the CC BY-NC-SA license
  • receiving a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) of the work.


Author Fees

This journal charges the following author fees.

: 0.00 (IDR)
Jurnal Kesehatan does not charge author(s) APCs (Article Publication Charges), submission charges, or another fee. All processes of article publication are free of charge.