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Reviewers are invited to review a manuscript that a journal editor has selected. We are looking for reviewers with expertise and interest in various fields of public health science.
Therefore, the Diwan editorial team invited Professionals, Researchers, Lecturers, or the general public to become International Peer Reviewers or International Editorial Advisory Board in the Diwan Journal with the following provisions:

  1. Having expertise according to Diwan focus and scope
  2. Having experience in writing reputable international journal

If you would like to volunteer to become a reviewer for Diwan, we recommend reading more about the peer review process, how to review, and our Peer Reviewer Terms and Conditions. Peer review may seem like a thankless task, but research would be unreliable without it.
Diwan offers a certificate letter to reward our reviewers after giving their contribution. To sign up as a reviewer, you can register your details on the form below. We will inform you if there is an assignment considering your free schedule and conditions.