Environmental Sanitation Assessment and the Presence of Rats in Belawan Seaport, Port Health Office, Medan

  • Roynaldo Damanik Mahasiswa S2 USMI
  • Donal Nababan Kesehatan Masyarakat. Universitas Sari Mutiara Indonesia
  • Mido Ester J. Sitorus Kesehatan Masyarakat. Universitas Sari Mutiara Indonesia


Environmental sanitation is an activity carried out by the community to maintain and control environmental conditions with the aim of avoiding disease. Rats are one of the animals that can transmit disease The objective of this research is to find out the environmental  sanitation and the presence   of rats  in  the  Class  I  Seaport  Health  Office  in  Belawan, Medan.  This is a Descriptive Survey Research and the variables used in this research are warehouse  sanitation,  the signs of rats' existence,  the number and types of rats and efforts  to control them, and the presence  of rats in the arehouse.  Data  analysis  in  this  research  is  carried  out  manually  and guided   by  SOP  (Standard  Operating  Procedure),   warehouse  sanitation checking, survey, and rat control in the Class I Seaport Health Office (KKP) Medan.  Based  on  the result,  the research  shows  that the first warehouse meets the requirement  of sanitation,  and rats' existence  is identified by the presence  of rats in the three warehouses.  Meanwhile,  in terms of the number and  types  of rats,  it is found that  there  is a mouse found in the second warehouse,  success trap value is  7 % indicating that the rat density is high in the second warehouse  and the types of rats found are house rats (Rattus Tanezumi).     The  rat  control  is  carried  out  by  setting  a  live  trap.  ft  is suggested that the warehouse owner pay attention to and manage the environmental  sanitation  in the Belawan  seaport  warehouse  by improving the outdoor  environment,  rooms  in the building,  clean  water supply,  and waste management. 

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