Lontara Latoa: Study of Da'wah Messages

  • Ahmad Mukrim Pascasarjana UIN Alauddin Makassar
  • Mulyati Amin Pascasarjana UIN Alauddin Makassar
  • Hamiruddin Pascasarjana UIN Alauddin Makassar


This study discusses Lontara Latoa from the perspective of the Da'wah Message and aims to find out the
contents of the da'wah message in Lontara' Latoa and its relationship with Islam. The sub-theme of
the research problem; first, an overview of da'wah. Second; an overview of lontara' latoa. Third;
da'wah messages and methods of da'wah kajao la liddo in Lontara latoa.
This research is library research, namely research that tries to collect data from the literature and
make the world of text the main object of its analysis. The data sources for this research are
Lontara' Latoa was written by BF Matthes or Lontara' Latoa which has been transliterated and translated
by Mattulada. There are also other sources used (secondary data) in this study, namely documents,
journals, and relevant scientific papers.
The results of this study, based on the search results in Lontara' Latoa conversation between Kajao
Laliddo and Arumpone, the authors found 4 things that became the main values of the teachings of
Kajao Laliddo's da'wah aimed at rulers and royal officials in carrying out the mandate of the government
and power, namely; 1) Honesty (Alempureng); 2) Intellect and Intelligence (Amaccangêng); 3)
Persistence (Agêttêngêng); and 4) Family and Compassion (Asseajingêng).


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