Publishing Process

  1. Manuscript Preparation:

    • Authors prepare a manuscript according to the journal's guidelines, which typically includes formatting, style, and citation rules.
  2. Submission:

    • Authors submit the manuscript through the journal's online submission system. Personal information such as names and email addresses are entered, which the journal assures will be used exclusively for the stated purposes.
  3. Initial Screening:

    • The editorial staff conducts an initial check to ensure the submission is complete and adheres to the journal’s scope and standards.
  4. Peer Review:

    • The manuscript is sent to peer reviewers who evaluate the work for originality, methodology, relevance, and significance. Reviewers recommend acceptance, revision, or rejection.
  5. Revision:

    • Based on feedback, authors may be asked to revise their manuscript. This can involve addressing the reviewers' comments, which might include clarifying points, adding new data, or reanalyzing results.
  6. Final Submission and Verification:

    • The revised manuscript is resubmitted. The editorial team verifies the changes and may request further revisions or accept the manuscript for publication.
  7. Copyediting and Proofing:

    • Accepted manuscripts are copyedited for grammar, formatting, and style. Authors are usually asked to proofread the final version and approve it for publication.
  8. Publication:

    • The article is published with a DOI (Digital Object Identifier), and the author is credited with proper citation. The journal provides access to the article under the terms of the Creative Commons license, which in this case allows others to use the work while crediting the original source.
  9. Post-Publication:

    • After publication, the journal may promote the article through various channels, and the authors can share their work under the terms of the CC-BY license. The journal assures that any personal information provided will not be shared with third parties or used for other purposes.
  10. Archiving:

    • The journal ensures that articles are archived for long-term accessibility and preservation.