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This research was aimed to determine the effectiveness of using
visual aids integrated communicative language teaching method in improving the
students’ speaking ability at the second grade of SMAN 1 Pinrang. Therefore, the
principle research problem was only one in this research, that is to what extent is
using visual aids integrated communicative language teaching method effective in
improving the students speaking ability at the second grade of SMAN 1 Pinrang?
The researcher applied experimental method with the non-equivalent controlled
group design. The population of this research was the second grade students at
SMAN 1 Pinrang, which consist of 150 students. The sample was taken by using
purposive sampling. So, the researcher took two classes in this research, one class
as experimental class which consisted of 30 students and one class as controlled
class. The data were collected through pre-test and post-test. Based on the research
findings, from the test, the researcher concluded that the use of visual aids
integrated communicative language teaching method effective in improving their
achievement in speaking ability, especially for fluency and accuracy. It proved from
the mean of the both of classes, which was the mean score of post -test of
experimental class was 59,2 while the mean score of control class was 45.6. The
result of t-test also shown that the visual aids integrated communicative language
teaching method is effective in improving students’ speaking ability because t -test,
4.94, is higer than t-table, 2.000 (4.94>2.000). The research result of this study
implies that English teachers should use communicative language teaching method
integrated visual aids to develop their techniques and methods in teaching speaking,
the students use pictures and videos in improving their speaking ability as it can
help them with the new ideas, vocabularies, and pronunciations, the future
researcher develops some dimensions which have not been developed in this
research like using different students’ population or students’ condition viewed
from the students’ habit or interest.


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