Author Guidelines

Writing Guidelines

The rules for writing in Jurnal Iqtisaduna Faculty of Islamic Economics and Business of UIN Alauddin Makassar are as follows:

  1. Articles must be original writing, the result of research or studies in the field of Islamic Economics and have never been published in any media and free from elements of plagiarism.
  2. Articles are written using Indonesian that meets the Indonesian “Pedoman Umum  Ejaan Bahasa Indonesia (PUEBI rules), or English that is appropriate for grammar.
  3. Systematics of Writing;
  • Initial Section: The title is written using capital letters at the beginning of each word. If there are words in a foreign language, they are written in italic format. Full name without the title for correspondence writer, and co-author, Including the institution of origin, and email address of Corresponding authors. Abstracts in English and Indonesian, one space with no more than 250 words, which contains goals, methods, and results.
  • Main Section: Introduction, Literature Review, Material and Methods, Results and Discussion, and conclusions, and (implication research if any).
  • Final Part: Bibliography, containing references used, at least 80 percent primary reference comes from articles produced by relevant scientific journals.
  • Writing Technique; (1) The new paragraph starts at the fifth tap on the left edge, and between paragraphs is given no extra spaces. (2) The use of foreign words must use italic. (3)Typing limit: Left 2,5 cm, right  2.5 cm. Top 3 cm, bottom (bottom) 3 cm. (4) Tables, pictures, and other illustrations are given titles, numbers, years, and clear sources. Literature sources are written name-year (surname writer-year of publication), Authors must be exactly as stated in the bibliography. Quotes use end note model, without footnotes. (5) The text is typed with Ms.Word, 1,5 space, 11 font size, Georgia font model with a maximum length of 10-20 pages (A4). (6) The text must be submitted no later than 1 month before the publication of the Journal, through the OJS website page:

Guideline for Online Submission

An author should first register as Author through the following address:  

An author should fulfill the form as detailed as possible where the star-marked form must be entered. After all form textbox was filled, the Author clicks on the “Register” button to proceed with the registration. Therefore, the Author is brought to an online author submission interface where Author should click on “New Submission”. In the Start, a New Submission section, click on “’ Click Here’: to go to step one of the five-step submission process”. The following are five steps in the online submission process:

  • Step 1 - Starting the Submission: Select the appropriate section of the journal, i.e. Original Research Articles, Review Articles, or Short Communication. Thus, an author must check-mark on the submission checklists.
  • Step 2 – Uploading the Submission: To upload a manuscript to this journal, click Browse on the Upload submission file item and choose the manuscript document file to be submitted, then click the Upload button.
  • Step 3 – Entering Submission’s Metadata: In this step, detailed authors metadata should be entered including the marked corresponding author. After that, the manuscript title and abstract must be uploaded by copying the text and pasting it in the textbox including keywords.
  • Step 4 – Uploading Supplementary Files: Supplementary files should be uploaded including Covering/Submission Letter, and Signed Copyright Transfer Agreement Form. Therefore, click on the Browse button, choose the files, and then click on the Upload button.
  • Step 5 – Confirming the Submission: The author should final check the uploaded manuscript documents in this step. To submit the manuscript to Jurnal Iqtisaduna, click the Finish Submission button after the documents are true. The corresponding author or the principal contact will receive an acknowledgment by email and will be able to view the submission’s progress through the editorial process by logging in to the journal web address site.


Reviewing of manuscripts

Every submitted paper is independently reviewed by at least two peer-reviewers;  The decision for publication, amendment, or rejection is based upon their reports/recommendations. If two or more reviewers consider a manuscript unsuitable for publication in this journal, a statement explaining the basis for the decision will be sent to the authors within three months of the submission date.

Revision of manuscript

Manuscripts sent back to the authors for revision should be returned to the editor without delay. Revised manuscripts can be sent to the editorial office through the Online Submission Interface. The revised manuscripts returned later than three months will be considered as new submissions.