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Vol. 23 No. 2 (2023): December (Islamic Humanities)

Published: 2023-08-20

The Implementation of MUI's Fatwa on the Position of Transgender Individuals, Gender Reassignment Surgery and Genital Refinement

Misbahuddin, Nasrullah Bin Sapa, Muhammad Syarif As'ad, Andi Intan Cahyani, Muhammad Zakir Husain


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The Jewish Harmonious Social Relations with Islamic Societies: A Review of the Qur'an & History

Lydia Megawati, Sohrah


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The Values of Religious Moderation Sheikh Jamaluddin Akbar Al-Husaini in The Culture of Tosora People South Sulawesi

Kartini, Zaenal Abidin, Andi Arif Pamessangi


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Reflections on Human-Nature Relations: A Critical Review in Islamic Humanities

Suud Sarim Karimullah


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The Values of Sultan Alauddin's Relevance to the Development of Civilization Campus of Universitas Islam Negeri Alauddin Makassar

Mustari, Jalauddin B, Nurhidayat Muhammad Said


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Strengthening Counter-Terrorism Religious Moderation through Traditional Islamic Education based on Kitab Kuning Literacy at Pesantren Ma’had Aly in South Sulawesi

Afifuddin, Muh. Amri Tajuddin, Wahdatun Nisa


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Qur'anic Model for Parenting in the 21st Century

Yusuph Dauda Gambari, Fahm Abdulgafar Olawale


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Implementation of Masbuk Hadith in Congregational Prayer: Perspectives of Today's Society

Abdul Rahman Sakka, Muhammad Nur Akbar Rasyid, Nurwahida


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The Portrait of Islamic Arab Descendant Community in Maintaining Identity and Diversity in Bali



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Interdisciplinary Approach on Contemporary Islam in Indonesia

Muh. Rusli


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The Qur'an and the Mapanre Teme Aqorang Tradition of the Bugis Ethnicity in East Kalimantan



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