Focus and Scope

Diversity: Disease Preventive of Research Integrity is focused on attracting, reviewing, and publishing high-quality research that contributes to advancing public health science and using it as an important tool that explore the topic of family health disciplines from an Islamic perspective

for improving the health of families around the world. We publish original, empirical, and conceptual manuscripts ranging from behavioral sciences to social and applied sciences, public health, policy, and evaluation of services. The journal makes a unique attempt at providing an interdisciplinary forum that mixes clinical innovation, practice wisdom, and theory with academic rigor and excellence. The purpose is to offer a variety of perspectives and ideas for professionals who work with families in a range of health and wellness related contexts in order to improve the lives of  families.

Diversity: Disease Preventive of Research Integrity, receives manuscripts encompassing a broad range of research scope in family health science such as: 

  1. Family Planning and Reproductive Health:
    • Contraception methods
    • Maternal and child health
    • Fertility awareness
    • Preconception care
  2. Psychosocial Aspects of Family Health:
    • Family dynamics
    • Mental health within the family
    • Parenting styles and challenges
    • Impact of family relationships on health
  3. Lifestyle and Health Behavior:
    • Nutrition and diet within the family
    • Exercise and physical activity
    • Substance abuse prevention within the family
    • Health education and promotion
  4. Preventive Healthcare in the Family:
    • Immunizations and vaccinations
    • Screening programs for common diseases
    • Health monitoring and early detection strategies
    • Preventive measures for infectious diseases within the family
  5. Chronic Disease Management in Families:
    • Strategies for managing chronic conditions within the family
    • Support systems for families dealing with chronic illnesses
    • Integrative healthcare approaches for chronic diseases
  6. Healthcare Access and Equity for Families:
    • Socioeconomic determinants of health
    • Healthcare disparities within families
    • Access to healthcare services for vulnerable populations
    • Policies promoting health equity for families
  7. Technological Innovations in Family Health:
    • Telemedicine and virtual healthcare services for families
    • Health apps and digital tools for family well-being
    • Innovations in healthcare technology benefiting family health
  8. Global and Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Family Health:
    • Comparative studies on family health practices
    • Cultural influences on family health behaviors
    • International policies impacting family health
  9. Emergency and Disaster Preparedness for Families:
    • Family-oriented emergency planning
    • Disaster response and recovery within the family context
    • Strategies for maintaining family health during crises
  10. Health Policy and Advocacy for Families:
    • Policy initiatives promoting family health
    • Advocacy for family-centered healthcare approaches
    • Legal frameworks supporting family health initiatives