Peer Review Process

Authors are expected to present their manuscripts with honesty, avoiding any fabrication, falsification, plagiarism, or improper data manipulation. Once submitted, each manuscript undergoes an evaluation process carried out by anonymous referees who assess its contribution, originality, relevance, and presentation. The editor-in-chief and associate editors also review the manuscript. Additionally, articles are assessed for their alignment with the journal's aims and scope, language quality, grammar, adherence to the template, and similarity to other works. Authors will receive feedback from the editors regarding the eligibility of their articles for publication.

Each submitted manuscript is independently reviewed by a minimum of two peer reviewers. The journal follows a traditional double-blind reviewing policy, ensuring that the reviewers' identities remain undisclosed to the authors. Manuscripts are sent for anonymous review to at least two reviewers, who may be members of the Editorial Board, Reviewers, or hold similar positions in the field. In some cases, the editors may expedite the review process by making a decision without sending the manuscript for external review. Please note that the editors' decisions are final, and there is no opportunity for further discussion if a manuscript is deemed unsuitable for publication in this journal. All communication, including notifications of the editors' decisions and requests for revisions, will be conducted via email.