Become a reviewer

Reviewers are invited to assess manuscripts selected by a journal editor. We seek reviewers who possess expertise and interest in various aspects of economics. As a result, the EcceS: Economics, Social, and Development Studies editorial team extends an invitation to Professionals, Researchers, Lecturers, or members of the general public to join as International Peer Reviewers or members of the International Editorial Advisory Board for the EcceS: Economics, Social, and Development Studies, this invitation comes with the following conditions:

  1. Having expertise according to Ecces focus and scope
  2. Having experience in writing reputable international journal

If you are interested in volunteering as a reviewer for Ecces, we recommend learning more about the peer review process, how to conduct reviews, and our Peer Reviewer Terms and Conditions. Although peer review may appear uncelebrated, it is an essential process without which research would be less reliable.
To acknowledge the valuable contributions of our reviewers, Ecces provides a certificate letter as a token of appreciation. To express your interest in becoming a reviewer, please register your details using the form below. We will contact you with potential assignments that align with your availability and qualifications.