Conflict of Interest

General policy and sources of funding. Authors are required to disclose all sources of institutional, private, and corporate financial support for their study. Authors are also required to disclose any potential conflicts of interest. An author's conflict of interest, or information specifying the absence of conflicts of interest, and the sources of funding for the research will be published under a separate heading entitled "Conflict of Interest". See for generally accepted definitions of conflicts of interest.

Submission by an editor or by an author whose relationship with the editor might create the perception of bias. If a submitting author and editor of the journal of islamic nursing have a relationship that may create a perception of bias, an alternative editor from another institute will be elected to oversee the manuscript. This editor will select the reviewers and have the final decision regarding the paper. The submitting editor will not have access to any information or correspondence relating to the submission that is not meant for the authors.

Potential conflict of interest for reviewers. The invitation letter to reviewers will include the following paragraph: 'If you know or think you know, the identity of the author, or if you feel there is any potential conflict of interest in your reviewing this paper (e.g. friendship or conflict/rivalry) please declare it immediately. By accepting this invitation, it is assumed there is no potential conflict of interest.' If a conflict of interest has been declared, standard policy declares that an alternate reviewer must be used however this is at the editors' discretion.