Jurnal Minds: Manajemen Ide dan Inspirasi is a scientific journal, published by the Management Department of Faculty of Islamic Economics and Business, Universitas Islam Negeri Alauddin Makassar, Indonesia. This journal had a strong focus on the expansion of management science. Such discussions may come in the form of topical articles in Human Resources, Finance, Marketing, Operation Research, Strategy, Business Ethics and Entrepreneurship. This journal also highly welcomes articles discussing behavioral issues or even psychological aspects in the above fields. The academical papers discussing the process of ideas and inspirations of business management issues in the developing regions would be a strong addtion to our paper collections.

Jurnal Minds: Manajemen Ide dan Inspirasi highly encourages a journal with a robust research methodology, such as a structural model, experiment, behavioral control, and so forth. This journal also provides a specific place in the publication for articles that integrate the Islamic teaching and the business conversation from the management field. There is a hope that this endeavor could provide extended contribution to the business and management science. We wish this policy could provide readers or even the public an edge in the knowledge. Librarians wishing to obtain certain information could obtain it freely in the published articles.