This issue covers academic conversations of Management Science in related fields. The authors' geographical distributions are from Indonesia, Taiwan, and Malaysia. 

Published: Sep 21, 2021

Spin-off Decision Making in Islamic Windows of Financing Companies

Sep 21, 2021
Intan Herlina Oktaviani, Muhammad Budi Prasetyo (Author)
Read Statistic: 273

Marketing Mix and Repurchase Intention of Cafe Industry During Covid-19: A Statistical and Data Mining Analysis

Sep 21, 2021
Alfonsius Alfonsius, Genesis Sembiring Depari, Jen Peng Huang (Author)
Read Statistic: 1027

Business Creation through Creativity and Innovation among Students

Sep 21, 2021
Ni Kadek Suryani, Luh Komang Candra Dewi, John EHJ Foeh (Author)
Read Statistic: 420

E-Service Quality, Customer Trust and Satisfaction: Market Place Consumer Loyalty Analysis

Sep 21, 2021
Hari Muharam, Harmon Chaniago, Endraria Endraria, Amran Bin Harun (Author)
Read Statistic: 4667

Audit Delay and Risk Management Disclosure in Capital Market: Some Nexus Considerations

Sep 7, 2021
Lince Bulutoding (Author)
Read Statistic: 466

The Mediating Role of Innovation between Transglobal Leadership and Organizational Performance in Islamic Higher Education

Dec 13, 2021
Rahman El Junusi, Ferry Khusnul Mubarok (Author)
Read Statistic: 177

Explaining E-Wallet Continuance Intention: A Modified Expectation Confirmation Model

Dec 13, 2021
Afifah Wafir Dhia, Muamar Nur Kholid (Author)
Read Statistic: 489

Exploring the Determinant Factors of Impulsive Buying Behavior during the COVID-19 Pandemic among Indonesian Consumers

Dec 13, 2021
Rahmawati Rahmawati, Alfian Budi Primanto (Author)
Read Statistic: 364

The Determining Factors in Influencing Customer’s Loyalty: A Financial Approach

Dec 13, 2021
Syafiq Mahmadah Hanafi (Author)
Read Statistic: 210

Covid-19, Inflation, and Interest Rate: Their Influences on the Jakarta Composite Index

Dec 21, 2021
Dwi Nita Aryani, Samuel Williem Maupula (Author)
Read Statistic: 412