About the Journal

Focus and Scope

Al-Khazini: Journal of Physics Education is a communication medium for researchers, academics, and education practitioners, especially in the field of physics education from around the world which includes issues such as improving physics learning techniques for physics learning including developing physics evaluation instruments, developing physics learning media, and development of a physics learning model by paying attention to local wisdom and enriched with religious and cultural principles
Al-Khazini: The Journal of Physical Education publishes comprehensive research articles and reviews by leading experts in their fields. Selected articles, which have high scientific achievement, provide important new knowledge and are of high benefit to the physics education community.

Peer Review Process

Studies submitted to the journal management system is evaluated by the editors and field editors within two weeks at the latest. The manuscripts are critically evaluated basing on the journal’s submission criteria:

  • scope of the journal and appropriateness to the field of study
  • evaluation of the similarity with Turnitin
  • appropriateness to the writing rules
  • Publication language (APA 6 rules )

Studies passed from pre-assessment of editors and fields editors are forwarded to at least two referees anonymous referees who are specialized in the field concerned for contribution, originality, relevance, and presentation (double-blind review).

These referees state their decision whether they take the submitted manuscript into evaluation or not to the publication board within two weeks at the latest. If the referees don’t state an opinion to the publication board, new referees are assigned for the reviewing the manuscript.

The assigned referees evaluate the study by using standard manuscript evaluation form. Moreover the assigned referees may also present their views and thoughts in the full paper and send it to the publication board.  Evaluation of journal reviewers takes 4 weeks to 6 weeks.

Views of the referees serve as a guide to editors and field editors to make final decision. Final decision always belongs to editors and field editors.

Referees can state the following four views for the submitted manuscript:

  • Acceptance for publication
  • Acceptance for publication after minor revision (it is decided after revisions are checked by the editorial board)
  • Reviewing again after the major revision is done. After revision is made by the writers of the study, it is evaluated for the second tour.
  • It is not published (rejection)

After reviewers’ evaluation is completed, views of the referees are examined at least two weeks by editors and field editors.

Editors and field editors give final decision for the study by taking into consideration of views and suggestions of referees. The final decision is sent to the author.

Publication Ethic

The publication process at Al-Khazini: Jurnal Pendidikan Fisika is the basis of the improvement and dissemination of information objectively and respectfully. Therefore, the procedures in this process improves the quality of the studies.

Peer-reviewed studies are the ones that support and materialize the scientific method. At this point, it is of utmost importance that all parties included in the publication process (authors, readers, and researchers, publisher, reviewers, and editors) comply with the standards of ethical considerations. Al-Khazini: Jurnal Pendidikan Fisika expects all parties to hold the following ethical responsibilities.

Ethical duties and responsibilities are written in the light of the guidelines and policies made by Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).